Catering Menu

Catering Menu

breakfast + brunch

(/pp = per person)

buttermilk biscuit sandwich platter 5.75 /pp
(10 person minimum)
artisan cured ham, cheese + red pepper jelly

our classic egg sandwich platter 8.25/pp
add cobb smoked bacon +2.00
artisan cured ham +2.00
housemade pork sausage +3.00

seasonal frittata 53.00 (serves 16) or (32 appetizer size)
slow roasted tomato, baby spinach, gruyere and fresh herbs

wild mushroom, leek, gruyere cheese

smoked ham, shallot gruyere cheese

fresh bagel platter 4.75/pp
plain, sesame, multi seed, poppy seed, raisin, seasonal whipped cream cheese, house-made strawberry jam, whipped butter

a.m. pastry platter 4.50/pp
seasonal muffins, cinnamon-sugar chubs, banana bread, mini scones

housemade granola, strawberry jam, greek style yogurt parfait 5.00/pp

cardamom coconut chia pudding parfait 5.00/pp seasonal fruit preserves, toasted coconut

fresh fruit platter
small (serves 8-12) 45.00
large (serves 12-18) 65.00
beautiful mix of seasonal fruits with mixed berries


our handcrafted sandwich platter 13.00/pp
your choice of sandwiches from our seasonal menu cut & artfully arranged on a platter

box lunches 14.95/pp
your choice of seasonal sandwich, cookie, bag of chips

2-foot long sandwich (serves 8)
each piece equivalent to half size sandwich

our popular red pepper, mozzarella cheese + fresh basil 32.00 each

our grilled chicken with herby aioli + pickled red onions, mixed greens 38.00 each

our classic chicken salad, prosciutto mozzarella or sicilian tuna 38.00 each


(all our soups are made with a housemade vegetable stock)
half gallon serves 8, 8 oz
soups: half gallon/32.00, chilis: half gallon/37.00
*add buttermilk biscuits half dozen/15.00

smokey tomato
thai butternut squash
cream of broccoli (no cream!)
wild mushroom bisque
curry carrot bisque
tuscan white bean

savory tarts

each tart feeds 8 as an entree or 16 appetizer size (entree size portions) (appetizer size) 30.00

3-cheese spinach, ricotta, gruyere, feta

fresh tomato, goat cheese, fresh herbs, gruyere, caramelized onion

specialty plate platters

seasonal fruit and cheese (serves 15-20) 60.95
assortment of 3 cheeses, fig jam, grapes, fresh berries, crackers and ficelle bread

middle eastern mezze (serves 15-20) 82.95
hummus, marinated feta cheese, moroccan carrot salad, tomato cucumber salad, chickpea fritters, grilled naan bread

italian antipasto platter (serves 15-20) 97.95
roasted red pepper peperonata, bocconcini mozzarella & cherry tomato skewers, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated olives, salami, prosciutto, fresh ricotta

spanish tappas platter (serves 15-20) 102.95
garlic rosemary shrimp, chorizo sausage, manchego cheese with quince paste, white bean dip, marcona almonds, roasted peppers with crostini marinated olives, sesame ficelle

custom cheese + charcuterie platter (serves 15-20) MP
specialty salumi + other hand picked dry cured meats, housemade pates, marinated olives, cornichons, pickled red onions, grainy mustard, fig jam, sweet and salty candied cashews, sliced bread or crackers for serving

bbq chicken quesadilla platter
(small serves 8-10) 70.00 (large serves 12-18) 126.00
sriracha sour cream

vegetable quesadilla platter
(small serves 8-10) 50.00 (large serves 12-18) 90.00
sriracha sour cream

garden crudite
(small serves 8-10) 45.00 (large serves 12-18) 75.00
a seasonal assortment of fresh, blanched vegetables served with your choice of our own hummus, red pepper feta dip or herbed goat cheese dip

bbq chicken wing platter 28.00/per dozen wings
buttermilk herbed dressing, carrots and celery


house-made pull-apart brioche rolls 10/per dozen
house-made french rolls 10/ per dozen


sweet + salty cashews 24.95/per lb


whole cakes
banana bread 13-inch loaf 30.00 each

seasonal 10-inch bundt cakes 30.00 each
moist chocolate glazed bundt
lemon yogurt bundt
apple cider donut bundt

cookies and bars
assorted plate cookies 1.85/pp
assorted cookie brownie and bars 4.25/pp
chocolate dipped coconut macaroons 18.00/per dozen

seasonal salads

small: serves 11-15, large serves 16-20
add our lemon-herb grilled chicken (small 17) (large 24)


simple mixed greens with carrots, cucumbers, red onion, parsley, sherry vinaigrette
(small 11-15) 46.75 (large 16-20) 70.00

kale caesar with creamy parmesan dressing (small 11-15) 52.25 (large 16-20) 76.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken

baby spinach, cobb smoked bacon, hard boiled egg, apple cider, mustard vinaigrette
(small 11-15) 52.25 (large 16-20) 76.00

green + crunchy

english cucumber, cherry tomato, kalamata olive + feta cheese, fresh dill, olive oil, champagne vinegar
(small 11-15) 52.25 (large 16-20) 76.00

BLT salad with mixed greens, cobb smoked bacon, feta cheese, roasted plum tomatoes, creamy feta dressing
(small 11-15) 55.00 (large 16-20) 80.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken

asian crunchy salad, napa + red cabbage, red bell pepper, edamame, cilantro, green onion, fresh ginger, peanuts with soy chili dressing
(small 11-15) 55.00 large (16-20) 80.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken

pickled vegetable + red cabbage slaw, red + green cabbage, carrots, fresno chilli peppers, red onion, toasted coriander seeds
(small 11-15) 52.25 (large 16-20) 76.00

creamy coleslaw, classic with celery seed
(small 11-15) 52.25 (large 16-20) 76.00

grains + pasta + potato

seasonal vegetable quinoa salad, lemon vinaigrette
(small 11-15) 68.75 (large 16-20) 100.00

bulgur wheat greek salad, roasted peppers, chopped tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, fresh parsley, mint
(small 11-15) 68.75 (large 16-20) 100.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken

farro with seasonal vegetables

fresh baby spinach, pepita seeds, toasted cumin vinaigrette
(small 11-15) 68.75 (large 16-20) 100.00

penne pasta salad with salsa verde
ciliegine mozzarella + seasonal vegetables
(small 11-15) 68.75 (large 16-20) 100.00

creamy red bliss potato salad
scallions, fresh dill
(small 11-15) 66.00 (large 16-20) 96.00

plate signature proteins plattered

READY-TO-SERVE (3 lb minimum)
(we suggest 1 lb chicken feeds approx. 3 people)
classic chicken salad 12.99/per lb
sicilian tuna salad 10.99/ per lb
lemon herbed grilled boneless chicken breast 11.99/per lb
bbq chicken boneless breast 12.99/per lb
grilled skirt steak USDA Prime thinly sliced, salsa verde 25.00/per lb
miso glazed salmon 4 oz 8.60/pp 6 oz 12.95/pp

seasonal vegetable sides

one size (serves 12-14)
all our vegetable sides are fully cooked, cooled, and ready to enjoy room temperature or for you to reheat at home.
roasted broccolini with shaved parmesan, lemon 56.00
roasted mushrooms with fresh herbs 70.00
roasted herbed yukon potatoes 56.00
bbq sweet potato wedges 56.00
garlicky green beans 77.00
spicy roasted brussel sprouts with mint 70.00
maple roasted brussel sprouts 70.00
snap peas with green goddess dressing 77.00
roasted carrots and parsnips 77.00

baked pasta

available ready-to-cook at home
one size (serves 8-10)
mac-n-cheese 45.00
penne with chicken broccoli, mozzarella 65.00
penne with roasted tomato, basil, pink sauce 50.00
*add locally made chicken sausage 20.00
*add spicy shrimp 25.00
creamy penne with baby spinach + asiago pink sauce 55.00
*add locally made chicken sausage 20.00
penne pasta with roasted garlic, cauliflower, mustard, gremolata bread crumbs 60.00
*add prosciutto 25.00


available to reheat at home
one size (serves 8-10)
extra tomato sauce (1 pint) 7.00
classic cheese 50.00
spinach and cheese 60.00


box of coffee (serves 10) 26.00
Speedwell coffee, house or decaf, includes cream and sugar

half gallon ice coffee 12.00

box of tea (serves 10) 26.00
ten cups of mem tea, includes cream and sugar

housemade basil lemonade (half gallon) 20.00

housemade honey lavender ice tea (half gallon) 17.00

housemade raspberry limeade (half gallon) 20.00

housemade sangria mixer red (one quart) just add one bottle of your favorite red wine 15.00

housemade sangria mixer white (one quart) just add one bottle of your favorite white wine or prosecco 15.00

available by the bottle/pint
bottled water
mash, sparkling fruit drinks
spindrift, sparkling seltzer
boylans, all natural soda
purity, juices
thatcher farms, chocolate milk

before you order, please let us know if you have a food allergy

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.