“We believe good food should be freshseasonaldown-to-earth and delicious.  We also think hosting an event should be as simple as possible.  Let the plate staff take care of the food so you can focus on enjoying yourself”    Suzanne Lombardi, chef-owner

To place your catering order, please call our Milton Marketplace location at (617) 690-3494

spring 2019 catering menu


assorted house-made breakfast platter includes mix of our cinnamon-sugar chubs, banana bread & mini seasonal scone – 3 bites per person 4.25 per person, (6 person minimum)

mini granola parfait with house made greek yogurt + jam 3.75 per person

biscuit sandwich with artisan cured ham, cheese + red pepper jelly 4.75 per person

our handcrafted sandwiches

6 sandwich minimum please

sandwich platter – your choice of sandwiches from our seasonal menu cut & artfully arranged on a disposable platter cost of sandwiches + 8.00 platter charge

boxed lunch – your choice of a seasonal sandwich, cookie, chips and napkin 16.25 per person

2 foot long side sandwiches on ciabatta bread each sandwich serves 8, choose from our popular roasted red + yellow pepper filling with fresh mozzarella cheese + whole basil leaves 24.00 each or our classic chicken salad, turkey club, proscuitto mozzarella or sicilian tuna 28.00 each

seasonal frittata

each serves 16

frittata with baby potatoes, zucchini + summer squash, goat cheese, topped
with crunchy pepita seeds 31.50 each

frittata with slow roasted tomatoes, baby spinach, gruyère cheese and fresh herbs 31.50 each

frittata with smoked ham, sautéed spinach, gruyère cheese 31.50 each

our award winning soup

ask about seasonal soup

tomato fennel or spring pea 12.00 per quart

add buttermilk biscuits 15.00 per half dozen

house-made dips + spreads

2 container minimum please

fresh goat cheese + herb 5.99 – 8 oz container

house-made fig + shallot jam 6.99 – 8 oz container

red pepper-feta 6.99 – 8 oz container

sesame flat bread crackers 7.00 per dozen

stationary appetizer platters

each serves 18-20

seasonal fruit & cheese includes wheel brie, pistachio covered cheese log, fig jam, grapes, fresh berries + crackers 57.95 each

middle eastern mezze with chickpea falafel fritters, marinated tomato cucumber salad, moroccan carrot salad, feta + lemon yogurt sauce + flatbreads 82.95 each

seasonal salads

8 salad minimum please

mixed greens with house-made sherry vinaigrette 4.00 per salad

english cucumber, cherry tomato, kalamata olive + feta cheese 4.25 per salad

israeli couscous with feta, snap peas, asparagus + yellow peppers, arugula and fresh lemon 4.75 per salad

quinoa with feta, snap peas, asparagus + yellow peppers, arugula, fresh lemon 4.75 per salad (gf)

wheat berry salad with radish, red cabbage, arugula + a red onion vinaigrette 4.75 per salad

creamy red bliss potato salad with fresh dill 4.50 per salad

lemon herb grilled chicken breast 11.99 per lb

our signature seasonal classic chicken salad 12.99 per lb

sicilian tuna salad 10.99 per lb

bbq chicken breast or wings 12.99 per lb / 13.99 per dozen

mini brioche rolls 8.50 per dozen

seasonal veggie sides

5 lb minimum please

mix of seasonal grilled vegetables with e.v.o.o. 7.99 per lb

roasted broccolini with shaved pecorino cheese + red chili flakes 7.99 per lb

baked pasta

small serves 3-4, large serves 5-6, extra large serves 6-8

mac ‘n cheese 8.50, 16.99, 22.00

ask about our extra large baked pastas 24.00 each

assorted cookies + brownies + bars platter 4.75 per person, 6 person minimum please

hand packaged cookies 9.00 each, 6 per package

whole cakes

banana bread 13 inch loaf 28.00 each

lemon yogurt 10 inch bundt 28.00 each

southern coconut 5 inch layer cake 15.99 each

beverages to sip on

boylan soda bottled or sparkling spring water available in case quantities

house-made basil lemonade 17.50 per gallon

our house coffee – regular or decaffeinated Box O’ Joe (96 oz) 21.00 each, serves 12 cups

please note

Before you order, the plate staff needs to know if you have a food allergy we take food seriously, it’s what we do. A 3 business days advance notice is required for catering orders catered items are priced for cold pick-up at your requested pick up time, a 48 hour notice is required for any changes or cancellations – we will accommodate short notice to the best of our abilities. a 50% deposit is required at the time of placing your catering order.