Family Meals – Take Out

NEW family meals – take out

main entrees (serves 4)

mac-n-cheese (veg) (w/o nuts) sharp cheddar, milk, cream, gruyere cheese, butter, onion, dry mustard, kosher salt, black pepper 23.00

baked farfalle with baby spinach + creamy pink tomato sauce (veg) (w/o nuts) 25.00 add locally made chicken sausage 35.00

3-cheese lasagna (veg) (w/o nuts) fresh pasta ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan 35.00

chicken parmesan (w/o nuts) 4 split breast, flour, bread crumbs, tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil 30.00

miso glazed salmon (order per person – 6 oz serving) (gf) (df) (w/o nuts) miso, brown sugar, soy sauce, chopped chives, sesame seeds 8.60

grilled skirt steak USDA PRIME tender, thinly sliced, salsa verde (order per lb) (w/o nuts) (gf) 25.00/lb

sides (serves 4)

roasted broccolini (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, grated parmesan 16.00

oven roasted herbed yukon potatoes (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) rosemary, thyme, extra virgin olive oil 16.00

bbq sweet potato wedges (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) canola oil, house-made bbq spice 16.00

roasted delicata & butternut squash (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) fresh thyme, extra virgin olive oil, pepita seeds 20.00

honey glazed roasted parsnip & carrot (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) honey, thyme, extra virgin olive oil 22.00

soups (half gallon serves 8, 8 oz servings)

(all our soups are made with a housemade vegetable stock and are dairy free & gluten free)

smokey tomato (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) tomatoes, onion, garlic, coriander, butter, house-made vegetable stock, smokey paprika 32.00

thai butternut (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) butternut squash, onion, garlic, fresh ginger, white miso, house-made vegetable stock, coconut milk 32.00

tuscan white bean (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) white navy beans, leeks, garlic, celery, carrots, fennel, garlic, house-made vegetable stock, rosemary, thyme 32.00

*add buttermilk biscuits half dozen / 15.00

seasonal salads (serves 4)


simple mixed greens with carrots, cucumbers, red onion, parsley, sherry vinaigrette (veg) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) 23.00

kale caesar with creamy parmesan dressing 25.00 (veg) (w/o nuts) (gf)
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken 14.00

baby spinach cobb smoked bacon, hard boiled egg, apple cider, muster vinaigrette (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) 25.00

green + crunchy

BLT salad with mixed greens, cobb smoked bacon, feta cheese, roasted plum tomatoes, creamy feta dressing (w/o nuts) (gf) 25.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken 14.00

asian crunchy salad napa + red cabbage, red bell pepper, edamame, cilantro, green onion, fresh ginger, peanuts with soy chili dressing (veg) (v) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) 25.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken 14.00


seasonal vegetable quinoa salad, lemon vinaigrette (veg) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) 27.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken 14.00

farro with roasted delicata squash, fresh baby spinach, roasted apple, pepita seeds, sherry vinaigrette (veg) (w/o nuts) (gf) (df) 27.00
*add our lemon herb grilled chicken 14.00


chocolate chunk cookie dough 24 oz 9.99

pan of pecan brownies (serves 4-6) 12.00


all our pantry items are thoughtfully made in house

tomato sauce 1 qt / 8.50

bbq sauce 8 oz / 5.99

fig + shallot jam 8 oz / 7.99

strawberry jam 8 oz / 7.99

granola 9.99 (gf) (w/o nuts)

griddle dry cake mix 6.00

milton’s billion backyard bee project honey 8.99


stanley’s house-made juices

(half gallon)
half gallon serves 8, 8 oz

green #1 kale, cucumbers, lemon, parsley spinach, agave 16.00

red #1 beets, carrots, ginger, lemon, agave 16.00

basil lemonade lemon juice, basil, sugar, water 16.00



Bortoluzzi, pinot grigio 2018 18.00 / bottle
Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Southern Right, sauvignon blanc 2019 16.00 / bottle
South Africa


Decoy, cabernet sauvignon 2018 16.00 / bottle
Sonoma, CA

Cloudnine, pinot noir 2018 16.00 / bottle
Oregon Willamete Valley

local beer/hard cider

Dorchester Brewing IPA 8.00 / 16 oz can

Dorchester Brewing Sour 8.00 / 16 oz can

Widowmaker Brewing IPA, Blue Comet 8.00 / 16 oz can

Night Shift, Original Gold & Delicious Hard Cider 8.00 / 16 oz can