Kitchen Appreciation Fee

Dear Awesome Plate Customers

We’re writing to you because we value your dedication to the plate over
the years and wanted you to know about a change to our business model.

As of April 4, 2023 a 3% Kitchen Appreciation Fee will be added to all
checks (see example below).

This fee will be paid out directly to our small and mighty kitchen staff, in an effort to bridge
the gap in wages between our service staff and kitchen employees.

Please note, this fee does not replace a gratuity to our service staff and we encourage
you to continue to tip as you see fit.

We have thought about this long and hard. We feel this is the best solution to a
growing problem with wage disparities in the restaurant industry, partially caused
by state laws which prohibit tip sharing with kitchen employees.

Here is an example of what your check may look like:

Chicken Jimmy Sandwich 11.00
Bag of Chips 1.80
Hot coffee 2.75
Kitchen Appreciation Fee(3%) 0.47 (Not taxed)
Sales tax 1.09
Total $17.11

We truly appreciate your support of our staff and patronage to the plate! Please feel free
to ask questions regarding this fee (don’t feel bad), we will be happy to explain it further.