Meet the team

handcrafted comfort food made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients by
people with a mindful attitude towards cooking

Suzanne didn’t always know that she wanted to be a chef (not to mention baker and candy maker), but she always knew that she wanted to be an artist. Born and bred in Milton, Massachusetts, she grew up inspired by the aromas of her grandmother’s baking and the textures of her father’s jazz. Her strong sense of creativity was innate from the beginning.

It was during her years in art school that Suzanne discovered her passion for cooking. She landed a job in a kitchen and later became the assistant to Boston food writer and stylist Sheryl Julian, sopping up as much knowledge as she could about finely crafted food, recipe development and service.

After graduating Suzanne continued her culinary journey. She moved to California and mastered the art of baking at Il Fornaio and delved into the artisanal coffeehouse scene. After a few years she returned to Milton, becoming a professional baker and founding Dancing Deer Baking Company. In 2003, she left Dancing Deer and her talents led to creating artisanal all natural candy and forming the company, Tiny Trapeze Confections. Eventually Suzanne sold Tiny Trapeze and dedicated her energy to dreaming up a new venture, the plate, which opened in 2012.

Suzanne is thrilled to be in her hometown, fashioning the masterpieces that grace our tables: serving-sized culminations of her years of expertise as an entrepreneur and gastronomic artist. She’s looking forward to serving some locally-grown goodness to you soon!

Taylor has wanted to cook ever since she can remember. She attended Blue Hills Regional Technical high school to be involved in the culinary program. During high school she began her professional culinary career at the Plate with Suzanne Lombardi. Taylor continued on to Johnson & Wales University and after she graduated from college she traveled and cooked in Boston at Craigie on Main and Bergamot, New York at Maialino and San Francisco at Spruce and Atelier Crenn. She returned home, rejoined Suzanne and her team and is now head chef. Taylor feels passionate about the food and culture she helped build at the Plate and loves feeding the community she grew up in.

My food passion: my favorite food is risotto. It was one of the first dishes I can remember putting a lot of effort into learning and perfecting. I enjoy its simple flavors and appreciate how technical of a dish it is to make as well.

Specialty work: I love hosting and working food events with my friends and husband Alex.

Favorite quick prep meal: pasta! I love using what ever I have in my fridge and pantry to create something delicious.

Favorite book: Currently is South by Sean Brock. I’ve worked with live fire a lot in various restaurants, and this book really focuses on that skill set.