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Recipe: This tortilla hack, filled with curried cauliflower and folded into a triangle, resembles a blossom

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Broad Appeal: The Plate’s Suzanne Lombardi Chats With Melissa Fassel Dunn About Creating And Running Her Restaurant

Suzanne Lombardi, owner of the two The Plate restaurants in town, is the guest on a new episode of “Broad Appeal.” Host Melissa Fassel Dunn talks with this in-town entrepreneur about her background in sculpture, how she moved on to co-found the Dancing Deer Baking Company, as well as other steps along the way to creating and running a local favorite food destination. Also pick up useful life tips and a recipe from deep in the woods up near the Canadian border.

Our Pulled Pork Sandwich Makes Hub Today’s Fave List


Chronicle “Supertowns”

Milton IS a “super town”!  See The Plate @Milton Marketplace featured on Chronicle!

For Suzanne Lombardi, Breakfast Is Definitely The Most Important Meal Of The Day…

Wake Up to 6 of the Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Boston

Bread + eggs + [other ingredients] = the breakfast sandwich. It’s a simple formula, but these places around town know how to make it unforgettable. #

For Chef-owner Suzanne Lombardi of The Plate, opening at Milton Marketplace makes sense

“In the kitchen Chef-owner Suzanne Lombardi is well known in the food world for starting and selling Dancing Deer Baking Co., and then doing the same for the now Whole Foods-owned candy business, Tiny Trapeze Confections…” #

The Plate Restaurant Opens In Milton

“Staffers at The Plate, a tiny bakery-café in Milton that serves elevated comfort food, have fielded the same question for weeks: “When is the new spot going to open open?” That day has come.” #

Creative cookies at the plate

“In Milton Lower Mills, a bakery with great taste. Suzanne Lombardi, the original baker behind Dancing Deer Bakery, is at it again in a tiny spot called The Plate Restaurant & Cafe in Milton Lower Mills…”#

Phantom Gourmet – The Plate

Dining Out: Seasonal, made-from-scratch food at The Plate in Milton

“A self-described ‘sandwich freak,’ Lombardi says she ‘loved everything between two pieces of good bread,’ and the concept behind The Plate grew from there….”#

Best Places to Live 2013: Moving Up

“Okay, so Milton isn’t actually as cosmopolitan as the City of Lights, but it does have a few European qualities. Consider the popular French-immersion program, which students start in the first grade…”#

Suzanne Lombardi’s New Venture: The Plate

“Suzanne Lombardi isn’t always known by her name, but by her talents and her deeds. And in case this is a name that you do not know automatically, you will most surely know her as co-owner and baker of the iconic Dancing Deer Bakery…”#

Best of the New: Food

“You might wish this little neighborhood cafe were within walking distance, but you’ll still travel miles for its offerings. The sandwich of organic local eggs and smoked bacon on a house-made English muffin will wow…”#

Close Up: Suzanne Lombardi of The Plate

The Plate Restaurant and Cafe is located in a neighborhood called ‘Central’ in Milton; bordering Lower Mills. It’s a stones throw from Dot, so close that I rode my bike there numerous times over the summer to grab one of their delicious handcrafted sandwiches…”#