Private Classes

private classes

Join us for private classes

If you like the vibe of The Plate during the day you will love us at night.

Our communal table at Milton Marketplace offers a unique setting to gather for private classes. You will learn new creative recipes that are easy to prepare – and have the opportunity to drink some wine, relax and socialize.

We offer private classes for groups of 8-12 people on a wide variety of topics. We can also work with you if there is a certain topic your group would like to learn more about. We are able to schedule private classes Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. They will run from 6:30pm-8:30pm and will include a cooking demonstration, printed recipes, a sampling of all dishes, wine and some great food-centric conversation. Plus you will save 15% when you reserve as a group.

Some Topics

  • One Pot Meals
  • Soups and Stock
  • Hands-on Pasta
  • Party Foods
  • Sweet and Savory Pies
  • Last Minute Meals

Please contact us to book a private class.