Seasonal Menu @Milton Marketplace

seasonal menu @milton marketplace

all recipes are seasonal and made with the freshest, local, all natural ingredients we can find

weekday menu

a.m. treats

toasted house-made english muffin with jam + butter 3.00

granola parfait with house made greek yogurt + jam 5.00 (gf)

ruby’s smoothie mango, banana, raspberry, honey, coconut milk 5.00 (df) add protein 1.25 add peanut butter .50

banana blast smoothie banana, peanut butter, honey, coconut milk 5.00 (df) add protein 1.25 add peanut butter .50

assorted house made pastries + baked goods

buttermilk biscuit with jam + whipped butter

seasonal scone

seasonal muffin

banana bread

breakfast • 8:00am – 11:00am

house made granola + milk served with choice of cow’s milk, soy milk, almond milk 5.00 (w/o nuts, gf)

organic steel-cut oatmeal 5.00 (gf) add dried cranberries and toasted almonds 1.50

classic fried egg sandwich fried lally farm egg, cheddar cheese, roasted tomato, arugula, aioli served on a house-made english muffin 7.25 add applewood smoked bacon 2.00 pork sausage or turkey sausage 3.50

2 eggs any style with choice of applewood smoked bacon, pork or turkey sausage with grilled 7-grain bread or house-made english muffin 8.50 (w/o nuts)

soft herb scramble two lally farm eggs, dressed mix greens with grilled 7-grain bread or buttermilk biscuit 9.00 (w/o nuts, veg)

buttermilk griddle cakes with pure maple syrup + whipped honey butter 9.00 (w/o nuts)

tasty sides

one fried farm egg 2.00

one buttermilk griddle cake 4.50

smoked bacon 4.00

pork or turkey breakfast sausage 3.50

lunch • 11:00 am – 3:30 pm


* classic chicken salad celery, house-made lemon mayo, leafy greens, on pain de mie white or 7-grain 8.50 (w/o nuts)

* chickpea falafel burger house-made chickpea burger, sliced english cucumber, pickled red onion, mixed greens + yogurt dressing on a seeded bun 8.50 (w/o nuts, veg)

* sicilian tuna capers, e.v.o.o. red wine vinegar + oregano, layered with pickled peppadew peppers and fresh fennel slaw on ciabatta 8.25 (w/o nuts, veg)

* prosciutto + mozzarella + fig jam panini La Quercia proscuitto, roasted fig + shallot jam, fresh mozzarella layered with arugula on ciabatta 9.25 (w/o nuts)

* house roasted turkey club smoked bacon, roasted tomato mayo, mixed greens on brioche bun 9.00 (w/o nuts)

* grilled chicken panini “jimmy style” marinated chicken breast with dijon mayo, roasted fig + shallot jam, fresh mozzarella layered with arugula on ciabatta 9.25 (w/o nuts)

* banh mi housemade mayo, english cucumber, soy sauce, fresh cilantro, jalapeno, daikon-carrot pickle on ciabatta choose: soy ginger tofu or grilled chicken (w/o nuts, veg) 9.25

classic grilled cheese farm house cheddar, grilled on pain de mie white or whole wheat 6.75 (w/o nuts, veg)

PB+J with housemade strawberry jam 4.75 (v)

all of our in house sandwiches are served with house-made pickles

* also available as a salad upon request


bowl served with a biscuit 6.50

tomato fennel – something seasonal 5.00 bowl or 12.00 quart

mezze bar • 10:30 – till we run out

small plate of three 9.00

single side salad 3.75

large plate of five 15.00


proudly serving Speedwell Coffee, Mem Tea + Valrhona Hot Chocolate

hot drinks

drip coffee (S) 2 (L) 2.25

espresso (single) 1.35 (double) 2.75

cafe au lait 2.80

americano (hot) 2.75 (iced) 4

cappuccino 3.65

latte (hot) 3.95 (iced) 4.50

chai latte (hot) 4 (iced) 4.50

cafe mocha (hot) 4.30 (iced) 4.50

hot chocolate 3.50

tea 1.75

cold drinks

nitro cold brew on tap 3.10

iced drip coffee regular/decaf 2.95

iced tea 2.95

orange + grapefruit juice 2.60

thatcher farms chocolate milk 1.75

bottled water 1.75

spindrift seltzer + bottled natural sodas 1.95

breakfast sandwiches served till 11:00 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday-enjoy them all day long on Sunday!

before you order, please let us know if you have a food allergy.

all recipes are seasonal and made with the freshest, local, all natural ingredients we can find.