Suzanne Lombardi – Chef + Founder

suzanne lombardi – chef + founder

each delicacy that emerges from the plate’s kitchen is lovingly sliced, spiced, and sculpted into being

Suzanne didn’t always know that she wanted to be a chef (not to mention baker and candy maker), but she always knew that she wanted to be an artist. Born and bred in Milton, Massachusetts, she grew up inspired by the aromas of her grandmother’s baking and the textures of her father’s jazz. Her strong sense of creativity was innate from the beginning.

It was during her years in art school that Suzanne discovered her passion for cooking. She landed a job in a kitchen and later became the assistant to Boston food writer and stylist Sheryl Julian, sopping up as much knowledge as she could about finely crafted food and service.

After graduating Suzanne continued her culinary journey. She moved to California and mastered the art of baking at Il Fornaio and delved into the artisanal coffeehouse scene. After a few years she returned to Milton, becoming a professional baker and founding Dancing Deer Baking Company. In 2003, she left Dancing Deer and her talents led to creating artisanal candy and forming the company, Tiny Trapeze Confections. Eventually Suzanne sold Tiny Trapeze and dedicated her energy to dreaming up a new venture, the plate, which opened in 2012.

Suzanne is thrilled to be in her hometown, fashioning the masterpieces that grace our tables: serving-sized culminations of her years of expertise as an entrepreneur and gastronomic artist. She’s looking forward to serving some locally-grown goodness to you soon!